What we do!

Charitable Donations & Scholarships

PFPC is a non-profit that raises money through our annual Golf outing which is then donated to needy individuals or families who are going through difficult times due to Cancer.   Sometimes, people simply need a helping hand.    Contact us if you have questions. 

ALSO,  Greg was innovative as well as a hard worker,   always thinking.   We have 4 Yearly Scholarships for innovative and bright students as well as the entrepreneurial spirit.

Last Years Recipients will be released soon.

Benches for Life

Greg and I thought up the concept of Benches for Life.  If you want to Honor someone who has survived Prostate Cancer or memorialize someone who fought a good fight,  you can do either by donating a Bench which their engraved information right on the Bench.   Check back later for some recent pictures.  Contact us if you have questions.

Golf Golf Golf!!

Greg was a Golf Nut!  Simply loved it and enjoyed every round regardless of the score.  He loved to golf and fellowship with his friends, and tried to 3 to 4 days a week!  Check back for the pictures from the last tournament and the dates for the next one!